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Canned Mixed Mushrooms 720ml

Model No.: 310ml,370ml,550ml, 580ml, 720ml
Product Name: Canned Mixed Mushrooms 720ml
Product Origin: Anshan, China
Standard: Kosher, Haccp, ISO, CIQ
Brand Name: buyer's brand
PriceTerms: T/T, D/P, L/C
Supply Ability: 400 containers per year
Detailed Product Description:

for mixed mushroom, can also be your mixed composition
Mixed Mushroom
425mlx24/ctn 400g 230g tin 1750
850mlx12/ctn 800g 460g Nameko, 1720
3100mlx6/ctn 2840g 1800g Oystermushroom, 1008
270mlx12/ctn 250g 150g shiitake jar 3400
314mlx12/ctn 280g 170g 3500
370mlx12/ctn 340g 200g 3000
550mlx12 520g 290g 1850
580mlx12/ctn 530g 320g 2000
720mlx12/ctn 680g 400g 1750

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