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canned cherry apple with stem or without stems 425ml

Model No.: 425ml, 850ml, 3100m, 314, 580ml
Product Name: canned cherry apple with stem or without stems 425ml
Product Origin: Anshan, China
Standard: Kosher, Haccp, ISO, CIQ
Brand Name: buyer's brand
PriceTerms: T/T, D/P, L/C
Supply Ability: 50 containers per year
Detailed Product Description:

Cherry apple 425mlx24 425g 213g cherry apple,sugar,Vc &
citric acid
7-12July to Dec. 1700
850mlx12 850g 410g 1700
3050mlX6 3000g 1500g 1008
550mlx12 520
580MLx12 540g 1900 (round type)
1700mlx6 1500g 900g 1750
2650mlx6 2550g 1450g 1150
720MLx12 680g 410g 1750

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