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Canned Butter Mushroom Marinated

Model No.: 310ml, 314ml, 550ml, 580ml, 1062ml
Product Name: Canned Butter Mushroom Marinated
Product Origin: Anshan, China
Standard: Kosher, Haccp, ISO, CIQ
Brand Name: OEM
PriceTerms: T/T, D/P, L/C
Supply Ability: as required, 2containers per day
Detailed Product Description:
Marinated mushroom spices : bay leaf, dill, onion,garlic, mustard seed,sweet red pepper, acetic acid,citric acid, sugar, salt, water. etc.
Shape whole, slices, pieces and stems, cutted, strips,
Flaver marinated/pickled, in boiled water, in vinegar, sated
Package Jar, tin, drum
Size*ctns NW(G) DW(G) CTNS/20fcl
mushroom 270ml/12 250 150 3400
In jar 314ml/12 280 170 3500-3750
370ml/12 340 200 2900-3200
480ml/12 460 260 2350
550ml/12 520 290 1850
580ml/12 530 320 2000
720ml/12 680 390 1750
880ml/12 840 460 1150
1000ml/12 970 530 1000
1700ml/6 1550 960 1750
mushroom 425ml/24 400 230 1850
In tin 850ml/12 800 460 1800
2650ml/6 2500 1500 1170
3100ml/6 2840 1800 1008
4250ml/6 4200 2400 750
Short introduction of our factory :
We are one of the biggest canned food manufacturer located both in Dalian ??? nameko crop region ??? and Tianshui, Gansu Province (sweet corn, green peas crop region)
Products: marinated/brined mushroom such as canned nameko, shiitake, suillus, boletus, mixed, oystermushroom, stropharia ,champignon whole/slices/pns
canned fruits (cherry apple, yellow peach, pear, apricot, strawberry, apple, kiwifruit, grape, fruit cocktail, plum)
canned green peas, sweet corn , red/white kidney beans salted or in tomato sauce, cutted green beans, mixed vegetables
IQF mushroom/veg/fruit
Usually do buyer's brand, productivity capacity is 2 containers/day.
Main markets are Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Czech, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Japan, Singapore, Israel, USA, etc.
Lina yilifood AT vip.
Dalian Menew Food Co.,Ltd
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